April 22, 2021

Clean Gold Energy alliance

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Clean goldenergy by Loncor [map]

Gold is here to stay. It’s an asset in unstable times. But we are not just thinking about the here and now. Gold mining is a business for dreamers and doers. It takes courage, guts and a leap of faith. To keep the future of gold growing strong, we propose something bold in gold – an alliance of like-minds who link the growth of the gold industry to the well-being of every economy.

We are calling it the Clean Gold Energy Alliance, and the vision is to have every new gold mine in Africa producing its own renewable energy by 2030. How we ramp up to that goal, and how and when we make every gold mine in Africa run on 100% green energy is up to us. Inquire here about joining the Clean Gold Energy Alliance.

What we do know from industry leaders such as E&Y is that linking clean energy production to gold mines can grow the Triple Bottom Line for People, Profit and Planet. We can expand our operations and expand economies. And we like that. And we plan on transforming Africa through our activities, starting in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We know:
  1. Mines are energy intense and are usually located in remote and often politically unstable locations, far from the grid. Trucking in diesel is expensive.
  2. Chile’s mining industry emerged as one of the leaders in renewable energy. Some 85% of Codelco’s Gabriela Mistral mine is powered from the massive Pampa Elvira solar project, an installation of 2,620 solar panels in the middle of the Atacama Desert.
  3. Installing renewable energy power plants can be a massive liability, but not having a carbon or sound ESG plan and results puts you in the same boat. We see that when done with the right partners, solar and wind can generate a sustainable income for all parties. Investors and aid groups like the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development are here to help generate investment in projects like this.
  4. If we band together we can match investments in renewables to mines in Africa.

Inquire here about joining the Clean Gold Energy Alliance.

Make Solid Gold Investment Ratings Across the Board

One of the key areas of concern to your gold mining business should be the reliability of ESG disclosures and how ESG performance is gauged. The insurance market is eager to develop a reliable index of ratings for ESG in the mining industry and new investors are looking for it.

Consider that we are pioneering a new framework for global leaders and companies. Being part of this alliance means your activities we will be noticed by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the FTSE4Good Index (co-owned by the London Stock Exchange and Financial Times), Bloomberg ESG data, the MSCI ESG Indices, and the GRESB benchmarks, not to mention international media.

Inquire here about joining the Clean Gold Energy Alliance.

Disclaimer: none of the companies mentioned above or which we link to imply or suggest their endorsement of the Clean Gold Energy Alliance, unless otherwise stated.

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